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We're a boutique firm in Vancouver that wants to help individuals, families, and businesses become financially effective.

Why Collings Financial?


We help individuals, families and pension plan sponsors achieve their goals by building portfolios using the largest asset managers in the world.  We favour low-fee investments and plan for the best after-tax outcomes.


Individual accounts are held with Manulife Securities Incorporated - a corporation wholly owned by Manulife Financial which was founded in 1887 with first Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald as President.

Manulife Securities Incorporated supports advisor independence and all our advice is conflict free.  We are under no obligation to promote Manulife labelled products.

Peace of Mind

Instead of stock picking and market timing we recommend evidence-based strategies developed by Nobel Prize winning academics.

Our planning is designed to empower investors with an understanding of common market volatility and an appreciation of how it can affect retirement and other financial goals.


Financial Planning

Personal Attention

As a boutique financial planning practice with a manageable client base we emphasize personal attention and will individually tailor all your investments.

Family Protection

Life and related insurance planning can unfortunately be of paramount importance. We are qualified and prepared to discuss the pros and cons of available insurance programs. 1

Market Surveillance

Although a consistent approach is very important the market is always evolving. We are continuously  and critically seeking new and better solutions for our clients.

The Big Picture

We seek to understand your financial 'big picture'.  Your financial priorities form the foundation of our planning relationship.  Your history, goals and personal investment style will inform our path forward.


We look to have all your financial ducks in a row. If your loved ones need help in an emergency we can provide a good place for them to start.2

Investment Philosophy

We employ a low-fee academic approach to investing. We capture broad market returns through the use of select investment funds. No hot stock picks—we diversify!

Retirement Forecasting

Are you on track to achieve your financial life goals? We advise on appropriate spending amounts and savings rates.

Upkeep and Renovation Ideas

We revise our planning recommendations for you as needed.  Your financial and personal situation won't remain static—why should your plan?

1Insurance products and services that are offered through Collings Financial Inc. (a licensed life insurance agency).
2These services are in no way intended to replace legal, accounting or tax advice.

Tax Considerations

Use of Accounts

We identify the best accounts for your situation. We ensure you are maximizing access to all available government grants and tax reductions.

Deliberate Allocation of Assets

Choosing the best account locations for various types of investments is of particular importance when optimizing tax savings.

Smart Account Withdrawals

Whether for an emergency or for retirement spending, there are good and bad ways to access cash out of your portfolio. We look to help you make these decisions wisely.


By selling investments that have incurred losses it’s possible to offset current annual gains or hold realized losses on reserve.

Low Tax Investments

Recommended investment solutions are chosen in part for their tax efficiency.  It's after-tax returns that matter most to our clients.

Debt Location

We provide suggestions on the organization of debt for the lowest possible after-tax cost.

Investment Management

A Safe Home

All personal investment accounts are held with our investment dealer Manulife Securities Incorporated. Manulife was founded in 1887 and is a reliable and consistent contributor to the Canadian financial services industry.

Risk Awareness

Risk is part of investing, but what does that really mean? By reviewing historical data our clients gain a greater understanding of the potential downsides of recommended strategies before they’re put in place. We don’t pretend to know the future.

Gardening and Weeding

Portfolios need periodic re-balancing in order to bring your accounts back in line.  We use an asset allocation approach similar to that of the world’s largest investors.

The Big Leagues

Through mutual funds and exchange traded funds we invest the majority of our client funds with the #1, #2, #43, and #57 largest asset managers in the world (Blackrock, Vanguard, Dimensional and Manulife, respectively). By comparison, CIBC ranks #127. 3

Academic Consistency

The investment approach we follow is academic and does not change because of short term market conditions. Sometimes called 'passive investing', our chosen approach is supported by a wide breadth of literature. We invest to participate in markets.


All of your account information is securely available online 24/7. Custom reports recording rates of return and detailed transaction information are always available upon request.

Eggs in Many Baskets

Thanks to the academic investment approach we follow our clients effectively own thousands of investments around the world.

Currency Decisions

Although investing internationally comes with benefits it adds complexity. Our recommended portfolios will take into account hedging and currency risk.

We Do the Doing

With a client’s verbal approval we can execute portfolio changes.  All updates are made in a cost effective and conscientious manner.

Ian in the Media

Why Clients Choose Ian

  • C.D., Geologist & Business Owner

    "Fee based approach which in my opinion allows me to “let my guard down” and trust Ian as an advisor.  Opposite is the case with commission –based advisors (eg at the bank) where I could not fully trust.”

    C.D., Geologist & Business Owner
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  • N.S., Retired Marine Engineer

    "[Was] looking for someone that could provide recommendations and not just push their own company’s products. We like him that he has a sound financial background (CFA)… he attended university on a Track scholarship, as it tells me something about his character."

    N.S., Retired Marine Engineer
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  • B.V. Accountant & Business Owner

    "Wanted an advisor who was focused on my financial objectives compared to prior advisor who wanted to change strategy too frequently."

    B.V. , Accountant & Business Owner
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