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Life’s Fire

“Money is in some respects life’s fire: it is an excellent servant, but a terrible master” – Art of Money Getting (1880) Chapter 3: Avoid Debt - P.T. Barnum (founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus). If I were to take the liberty of adapting this quote for myself and my clients, I might suggest debt can…
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Yes, Vancouver homes are expensive, but as investments they are potentially extravagant.

Image by Adam Jones, Ph.D. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Vancouver real estate values have been the talk of my home town for many years now.  We’ve landed podium finishes atop “most unaffordable city” and “most expensive city” lists time and time again. So, if you are lucky enough to own some of this stuff, or you want to get in on the action I…
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What is it costing me to invest?

Trying to add up the answer can be frustrating. This is an industry that hasn’t always seemed to strive for transparency. Happily for my practice, Canadians are quietly waking up to the amount they pay to invest. So, what are you paying? How much less could you be paying? In the example below we’re going…
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How to turn $100 into $8,500,000 in just three trades!

While this might be an internet banner ad or a spam email, it’s also actually possible! You could start with a handful of dollars and earn millions with a few investment trades. There’s a catch though. Actually there are two catches, but keep reading because these can teach us about general investing… Catch #1: Somebody…
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