How We Work

Academic Investing

We take an academic approach to investing, the market index to make pragmatic investment decisions. Traditional managers try to beat the market by making costly predictions of the future, often missing potentially strong returns because they held the wrong securities at the wrong time. We strategically diversify your portfolio to minimize investing fees and avoid the costly consequences of failing to predict the future.We know each investor has his or her own risk tolerances, goals, and life circumstances and believe own appetite for risk should guide your asset allocation.Through smart thinking and honest strategies, we help households be financially effective.

Who We Serve

We serve those who are looking for financial and investment advice. Our clients often fit in the following 4 categories:






Small Businesses


Companies / Charities

Our Client Process

We strive to understand our select clientele.

Initial Consultation Meeting

We never charge for Initial consultations. It’s a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

Proposal Meeting

Here, we review what we’ve learned and demonstrate the ways in which you’ll be assisted in working with us.

Sign-up Meeting

Clients are never locked in but moving forward with any element of planning involves a commitment to some actions needing details on the strategies going forward and paperwork.

Regular Review Meeting

Even once our clients are on track, we like to review how things are progressing with them and update the plan accordingly.

Investment Management - What does it cost?

We seek to minimize costs and taxes across the investment management process, dealer fees are as follows:

Household (combined account values) Annual assets under management fees
$500,000 to $999,999 1.00%
$1,000,000 to $2,499,999 0.75%
$2,500,000 0.60%

We also offer a one-time financial planning option, from $1,500 - $5,000 + GST (depending on the complexity of the plan and situation). Contact us today for a free initial consultation to get an exact quote!

  • No product incentives
  • No transaction sales commissions
  • No front or backend sales charges

Contact Ian for a Free Consultation

Please contact us for a free consultation if you have questions about your financial situation or would like to arrange a meeting with Ian.